Monday, October 1, 2007

Dr. House (Español - Spanish)

Dr. House (Español - Spanish)
26 s - 19-abr-2007

Entrada de la serie Dr. House en Español - Spanish

House MD styled Super Smash Bros.
House MD styled Super Smash Bros.
28 s - 22-jul-2007

In english:
Here is a video recreating the opening of the famous TV series Dr. House / House MD, but Super Smash Bros. related. Done by me. Enjoy.

En español:
Aquí esta mi intento de recrear la presentación de la famosa serie de TV Dr. House, pero en relación con el famoso videojuego de Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Espero que les guste.

House MD - Watch this and Much More on Your PC

House MD - Watch this and Much More on Your PC

31 s - 07-jul-2007

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House MD - MadTV Spoof
House MD - MadTV Spoof
5 min - 15-ene-2006

House MD - MadTV Spoof

House MD - Baba O'Riley
House MD - Baba O'Riley

5 min

This is The Who's song, Baba O'Riley, with footage from the TV Show, House MD I would also like to dedicate this video to Dr. Allison Cameron, who recently commented on this video.


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